About Us
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Cooke Canyon Hunt Club
we are a ...
Non-Profit Membership 
Dog Training / Hunting Club

Less than 2 hours from Seattle
Situated in the beautiful Kittitas Valley

Membership $150.00 per season
Bring as many guests as you wish at $5.00 per guest fee

Open Sept 1st  thru March 31st

 Closed on Wedensday's 
Thanksgiving, Christmas eve & Christmas

  1,000 acres to train &  hunt on !!!

Only one party
 per area 
Areas are 80 -100 acres

No License Required

A Dog is required in the field so ...
Bring your own Dogs
Dogs and Guides Available by Appointment
( 2 hour / $100.00 minimum
$30.00 per additional hour 

Price of birds...
5 Roosters or 7 Hens or 7 Chukars $275.00+ Tax

3% processing fee 
will be assessed for all
Credit cards transactions
Birds released after your arrival

Cancellation policy
Any cancellations should be made at least 
48 hrs in advance $25.00 re-stocking fee
(exceptions made for pass closures)

If you have reserved a guide & you don’t call 
to cancel you will be 
Charged the Minimum guide fee of $100.00
Credit card deposit required to reserve a guide

Pheasant /Chukar Flight Pens are
 50' X 150'

         Doug & Alice 
  Here are some shots of the office / club house
Chukars & Pheasants
This page was last updated: 9/10/2022
Pictures complements of  "Macfarland Pheasants"
Club Rules